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Route of cargo transportation for the objects of the north-eastern part of the Caspian Sea.

LLP "Unex Stroy" is a local construction company, which was the first to receive a contract for land works within the framework of the MaTraG project. The contract for early work was awarded to UnexStroy in December 2014, which marked the beginning of the development of infrastructure facilities in support of the construction and operation of the MTraG. The scope of the work is rather complicated in the sense that the work is carried out in unique conditions, when it is necessary to conduct all engineering communications. Moreover, the work is carried out in the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea, subject to flooding, where the water level can change significantly within a few hours. In the course of the work, Unex Stroy should:
• perform modernization and build tens of kilometers of roads
• extract more than one million cubic meters of soil for the construction of the reversal basin, which is part of the cargo unloading terminal (TWG)
• build a bulk road of 14 km in the flood zone
• supply and install more than 20 tons of sheet piles for the quay wall of the TRG
• Expand temporary housing units to accommodate more than 900 contractors
• ensure delivery of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of material for backfilling from local quarries.

During the time of joint work with the TOO, Unex Stroy made a significant contribution to the fulfillment of the tasks of the FGP-PUUD project on the development of the COP.
• Creation of jobs: more than 800 new jobs are created on a competitive basis for citizens of Kazakhstan
• Training: improving the professional level of the staff through the organization of workshops and training
• Technology transfer: application of environmentally friendly best practices and practices. Introduction of the best world practices and work processes
• Heritage of the project: the best infrastructure for the population of Atyrau region, with the construction or reconstruction of which advanced technology was used
• Obligations: to increase the share of Kazakhstani content in jobs to 100% - to attract national cadres. Work on the site began in February 2015, more than 30 Kazakhstani suppliers and subcontractors were employed by UnexStroy. The works are progressing according to the schedule to support the successful completion of the work of the MaTRag project in 2018

"This is the first experience of cooperation of the company" Unex Stroy "with the TOO, which was crowned with success. From the very beginning, UnexStroy Company was committed to meeting the set requirements. They made a significant contribution to the implementation of the MaTraG project, creating an infrastructure in compliance with safety regulations, eliminating the effects of two effects of surging waves and outstripping the critical path schedule. Thus, the company created conditions for the successful completion of work in 2018 ".
Glenn Lofink, Manager of the MatraG project

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